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Welcome to our print-your-own packs. Here you can find a number of songs from the Calendar collection, plus packs of both numeracy and literacy games.

Sing & Play for Mother's Day

A new expanded style of pack, with great singing as usual PLUS dance and CRRACKLE (Creative Rhythmic Active Learning). Includes PDF of lyrics, history, teaching points, MP3 tracks and sheet music..

5 Starter Pre-school Sessions, (Level 1)

Print-your-own plans for 15 minute sessions, mixing up a range of activities across the Early Years curriculum.

Numeracy Pack - Zeros Song And Saving Pennies (Level 2)

Sing and play with props and instruments, to understand numbers in 10s and learn to identify English coins.

Numeracy Pack - 5 Times Table & Tell The Time Blues (Fast Level 3)

Improve your memory of 5 times table and understanding of how to tell the time, by singing, playing and dancing with a Boogie Blues tune.

Literacy Pack - Limerick Time

A KS2 pack to explore the topic of Limericks, leading to performance of a Limerick song and writing one of your own.

Calendar Poppy Song Pack

Sing and play, to commemorate Remembrance Sunday, marking the centenary of World War 1 ending in 1918.


In this section you will find rhythmic learning songs, with easy2play parts for instruments. Benjamin, our arranger, will compose or arrange parts for any combination you need. Send an email to discuss and obtain a quote.

Song packs to download – coming soon


We’ve grown pears and plums (for Harvest)

When I start school (for end of pre-school year)


Noah’s numbers in 2s and 3s


Sevens in Devon