Film Centre

Film is a great way for you to grasp what Rhythmic Learning is. From hundreds of videos we have selected the best evidence for you, with plenty more to follow over the next few months.

With the exception of Film 1, which was commissioned from a professional animation company, the remainder have been filmed by phones or ordinary video cameras on location in offices, workshops, schools and pre-schools. If highly aware, you will hear sounds of traffic, birds and drilling etc. in the background.

The transitions in many cases are deliberately disjointed. We did not want to give away every secret... just enough to whet your appetite and persuade you to embrace our products and methods.

The films that we share have general school permissions, or feature students from at least 12 years ago. There are many, many more coming, but they will mostly be limited to viewing by education professionals. We hope that this Professionals' private area will become a recognised valuable free resource.

Video Gallery

Mrs Beat App

Find out about the Rhythm Fun App for Android.

L1 starter pack

Discover the contents of a pack and learn to play rhythms from notation in 5 minutes!

Shakers & Guiros

A short demo supplementing the starter pack by making your own instruments

Speaking & Listening

A brief overview of our assessments, research & impact in this critical area.

L1 Walk & Words

Walk movements and rhyme game at L1, ages 3 & 4.

L2 Ball skills

WARM UP of counting and movement, at L2, ages 8 & 9.

L2 Saving Pennies

Highlights from number work and songs at L2, ages 3 & 4.

Waltz for slow L3

WARM UPS for movement + counting ages 10+.

Slow L3 Limericks

Y5 and 6 students create & perform a Limerick & song.


Cantering, skipping, clapping to explore Boogie/ Shuffle style.

Dance To Tell Time

Movement for 5 times table and Clock Blues.

The Poppy Song

Snippet from a v topical item in our Calendar Collection.

Closed Facebook Group for Professionals & Interested Others

The films shared here are a small sample from hundreds of images, data and videos in our ‘library’. We are unable to share the contents of the library on an open web page, for reasons of privacy and safeguarding. But for those professionals whose identity can be checked (e.g. having a recognised school or nursery email address), links to the library files can be provided via email or Dropbox.

In order to facilitate this process we have created a new closed Facebook group. The name for the group is CRRACKLE! which stands for Creative Rhythmic Active Learning.

We want as many people as possible to come on board, taking part in discussions, signing our petition, sharing ideas and generally spreading the word about the need for a CRRACKLE approach in education today. Our new group will be available now, visit Crrackle Curriculum today!