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Wonderful Wednesdays

Wonderful Wednesdays

Dates - October 3rd, 10th, 17th & 31st
November 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th

Book a free Rhythm Fun session with Mrs Beat.

  • i) 15 mins in assembly + 30 mins with a teacher

  • Or ii) 15 mins to staff or PTA meeting + 30 mins with a teacher

  • Or iii) 30 mins with a class when you buy an item from the Digital Fun section of our shop.

Buy all 5 products online and have a free half day workshop!! Book NOW.
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Meet Mrs Beat Fun Days

External Events

Through the year we set up a number of training events, in various parts of the country. These involve attendees (school or nursery staff & parents) travelling to a suitable centre in their area.

The next event is 11th July at Cornwall College, St Austell. Book your place by registering on our events page.

mrs beat Caroline Stephenson

Mrs Beat Comes To You

To get a feel of a training day with your staff and children, see Film 2 in the Film Centre. We will work with you to plan a similar set of bespoke activities, tailored to your needs.

Terms & Conditions

If you are located within 25 miles of the rhythm fun studio at PL24 2SA then it is a simple click to book a great value short visit from Mrs Beat, such as a twilight session (1 to 2 hours) or a half day (3 hours).

If you are up to 50 miles away then you should either book a whole day, or link with another organisation in your area to make a viable whole day booking. You will be invoiced an additional amount for travel.

For those located further away please in the first instance email Caroline Stephenson It may be possible to set up a visit in your area, but it will be a special price.

Content Of Sessions

It is your choice what activities you would like to book within the time period you ask for. It can be demonstrations with children, including assessments and a few initial games, or a training session for adults, or even a mix of both.

Choose from the following options or send a more bespoke proposal in your email. Payment by BACS upon receipt of invoice.

Twilight - £100.00

Half Day - £180.00

Full Day - £360.00

Family Skype Lesson - £30.00