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Poppin' Up Now, in PL22 - PL24

We are running a series of pre-Christmas bell workshops, for hand bell playing, singing and making bell lanterns.

Hand Bell Workshops

These have gone so well, in Tywardreath, that we now have an idea to develop for next year ... see below.

Around the Hills

Our proposal going forward into 2019 is to set up a Saturday morning 'experience' of rhythmic learning and singing for all youngsters in the area. The rhythmic learning will be just as you see in our film centre, applying movement, instruments and voices to skills in literacy and numeracy as well as gaining skills in reading and performing music.

The first session will happen, no matter how many people arrive! After that sessions are subject to sufficient numbers signing and paying up, so we will want to establish how viable a class is from the outset. Then we will issue invoices to include a REFUND of the 1st session fees e.g. sign up and get first session free. Payment terms, within 14 days of invoice.:-

Session Details, Times & Cost:

Venue: Tywardreath Scout Hall

Start Date: Saturday 12th January, then hopefully each week. If preferred it could be fortnightly...whatever suits families best.

9.30 - 10.15 Rhythm Fun for ages 3 - 6 years (with accompanying adult or older sibling at first)

Lots of movement games, with instruments, puppets & balls, to build a sense of beat. Number games, rhymes & songs. Cost £3.50 per session.

10.15 – 11.30 Rhythm Fun and Singing for ages 7 – 11

More demanding activities, to include learning to read and play from music notation, linking with lyrics and song writing. Times tables games and lots of singing in different styles (African, Celtic, Classical, Jazz etc). Cost £4 per session.

11.30 – 12.45 Movement, Drama and Voice techniques, for ages 11 upwards.

The style and content of these sessions will be based on a Contemporary Voice programme, devised for the London College of Music by performers in West End shows. There are many options to explore from musical theatre, pop, jazz, classical, folk, sony writing etc - to be decided by the participants. Cost £5

Sign up for these sessions below:

Special Offer for Autumn 2018

Wonderful Wednesdays

Wonderful Wednesdays

Dates - TBC

Book a free Rhythm Fun session with Mrs Beat.

  • i) 15 mins in assembly + 30 mins with a teacher

  • Or ii) 15 mins to staff or PTA meeting + 30 mins with a teacher

  • Or iii) 30 mins with a class when you buy an item from the Digital Fun section of our shop.

Buy all 5 products online and have A FREE HALF DAY WORKSHOP!! Book NOW.
Email signup@rhythmic-learning.co.uk

Poppin’ Up Archive – Autumn 2018

Here’s a snap-shot of the research we conducted at our local pre-school, concluding in July 2018.
We are so pleased to see the difference that Rhythm Fun games made, with some truly awesome results in both literacy and numeracy (as can be seen in the Film Centre).
If you work professionally with children, why not email signup@rhythmic-learning.co.uk to receive fuller information?

Research Image

Excited to annouce our first appointment of an area Rhythmic Learning representative for SE Essex.

Training Day

Poppin' Up Next

We eagerly anticipate the announcement of the autumn summit/ conference about the Word Gap, recently flagged up by the secretary of state (@DamianHinds). It seems perhaps we are well behind in this battle against word-deficits. The USA was running a major competition to find answers in 2017, as described here https://www.challenge.gov/toolkit/case-studies/bridging-the-word-gap-challenge/
It really is disappointing to see that all 5 winning solutions involved engagement with digital devices. That’s the opposite of our proposals for sure.

Yes, we are preparing a set of ‘recipes’ of our own, not the 5 a day proposed by the minister, rather a menu of 3 starters and one main course. Don’t want to give too much away yet, but this will be packaged up as an exciting offering for enjoyment at Christmas!