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Poppin' Up Now

With a very apt sound to it the topical subject Poppin' Up now is Poppies!

Background - last year Mrs Beat was asked to write a Rhythmic Learning song, suitable for all the children in our local nursery at Par Moor. She kept if very simple - the first verse was little more than a counting game and images of petals dropping from a flower.

Chorus 1

1 poppy, 2 poppies, 3 poppies, 4 ....
5,6,7,8 and many, many more
Blown by the wind we see the petals fly
Into the far distant sky.

But the other verses became a little more real and serious, with a conscious aim of wanting to help survivors today: -

When from war awoken,
Still with body broken...
We must help them through their pain.

So if you are hunting for the right song for your children of a young age, this could be the perfect answer. View our Poppy Song film here or go direct to buy here.
You can also download a PDF version of our November - Time to Remember Powerpoint here for FREE. An alternative power point version can be provided by emailing caroline@rhythmic-learning.co.uk.

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Wonderful Wednesdays

Wonderful Wednesdays

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Poppin’ Up Archive – Summer 2018

Here’s a snap-shot of the research we conducted at our local pre-school, concluding in July 2018.
We are so pleased to see the difference that Rhythm Fun games made, with some truly awesome results in both literacy and numeracy (as can be seen in the Film Centre).
If you work professionally with children, why not email signup@rhythmic-learning.co.uk to receive fuller information?

Research Image

Excited to annouce our first appointment of an area Rhythmic Learning representative for SE Essex.

Training Day

Poppin' Up Next

We eagerly anticipate the announcement of the autumn summit/ conference about the Word Gap, recently flagged up by the secretary of state (@DamianHinds). It seems perhaps we are well behind in this battle against word-deficits. The USA was running a major competition to find answers in 2017, as described here https://www.challenge.gov/toolkit/case-studies/bridging-the-word-gap-challenge/
It really is disappointing to see that all 5 winning solutions involved engagement with digital devices. That’s the opposite of our proposals for sure.

Yes, we are preparing a set of ‘recipes’ of our own, not the 5 a day proposed by the minister, rather a menu of 3 starters and one main course. Don’t want to give too much away yet, but this will be packaged up as an exciting offering for enjoyment at Christmas!